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Surgames is a B2B company dedicated to developing and distributing high-quality casino games for Online Operators around the world.

It specializes in developing a new concept of Video Bingos, keeping the simplicity of the traditional ones but including maths and features that match the best slot gaming experience in the market. Surgames offers a complete portfolio that allows new players to reach their max value in a shorter period of time, while at the same time it exceeds gaming expectations of the most experienced customers.

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Super Candy Bingo

Super Candy pretends catching  players with  colorful and sweety scenes, among  chocolates,  sweets and lollipops we have double line prizes besides Bonus and Jackpot to engaged players in an exciting experience.

Bingo Egypt

A new Video Bingo experience set around an Egyptian theme. The game asks you to join the famous archaeologist Howard Jones through the pyramid of the Pharaoh and help him find the right path to the treasure located at the end of the tomb.

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