HOSTING & INFRASTRUCTURE: Assures a continuous service, high-redundancy, and availability anywhere at any time with a minimal network latency for every player.

INTEGRATIONS & TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Highly qualified software and system architects will guide you step by step to a successful seamless integration and provide Operators with 2nd level IT Support.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: Great support of Casino Managers in the promotion of games, understanding them, and offering advice on how to maximize revenues.


MARKETING KIT: After everything is up and working, our design and programming teams will be ready to tweak and customize any aspect of Operators game and website. SurGames marketing kits will include all the necessary tools to promote the games.

LEGAL & COMPLIANCE: Gambling is a highly regulated industry. SurGames count on  the most knowledgeable lawyers and officers to always comply with the rules in each of the jurisdictions.