The industry in which SurGames is involved, is an industry with many serious repercussions, in which if not managed properly, one can fall into potentially serious risks. Therefore, SurGames promotes the values of Responsible Gaming and encourages proper use of the products for entertainment.

SurGames invites all players to learn a few simple rules that will help you enjoy the game without falling into an addictive and harmful behavior.

No one is exempt from this problem. Therefore, it is important that you watch for any symptoms, such as anxiety, guilt after playing, and remember the above tips to always be able to play responsibly. The problem is not playing, the problem is playing in excess.


1-Set a reasonable betting limit.
This should be compatible with you financial resources.

2-Always use your own money in order to play.
Do not borrow from anyone.

3-Keep it balanced.
Use your free time only, make sure you mantain some balance with your other activities.

4-Accept your losses.
Do not play to “recover your losses”. Gambling is not a way to make money.